Origin and Mission
Over the past two decades, we have amassed a wealth of experience in the field of garden tools, engaging in renowned brand OEM manufacturing. Throughout this journey, we've not only mastered the art of crafting high-quality products, but also nurtured a profound passion for gardening and the natural world. This expedition has ignited a new mission for us: to provide self-designed FAVAL Garden Tools to gardening enthusiasts worldwide, infusing our years of experience to create even more distinctive and superior gardening tools.
Pruning Shears
Sculpting Precision, Effortless Shaping
FAVAL Pruning Shears, Accurate Trimming for Effortless Sculpting
of Your Green World

GardenSharp Toolmate
Effortless Cutting, Sharp as New

FAVAL Sharpening Tool, Prolong Tool Lifespan, Maintain Efficient Pruning.

Gardening Tools
Gentle Care, Blossoming Beauty
FAVAL Floral Tools, Helping
You Create the Splendid
Scene of Your Garden.

Watering Tools
Precision Hydration, Nurturing Growth
Watering Tools, Ensuring Healthy and Thriving Plants.

Power Tools
Efficient Power, Effortless Operation

FAVAL Power Tools, Unleash Your Gardening Potential.

Bestselling Products
Top-Selling Quality, Fulfilling Your Choices: FAVAL Bestselling Products, Offering Superior Quality and Infinite Possibilities.

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