OEM Service Process
Understand customer needs; Communicate with professional designers, and designers provide design solutions that satisfy customers; Sign product sales and service contracts.
In the case of normal use, follow up on customer feedback. Do a good job in information feedback registration, and solve the feedback problems well in the next order, so as to improve the product quality.
Keep in touch with customers to understand the production progress and situation. After the production is completed, coordinate with the customer for inspection, transportation and other details.
Service Philosophy

1.Personalized Service:

Understand the unique needs of each customer and provide tailored solutions. From the first contact to after-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

2.Quality First:

Maintain excellent quality at every stage of product manufacturing and service delivery. Our tools are designed to help customers achieve outstanding gardening results, making quality our unwavering core.

3.Transparent Communication:

Maintain open communication with customers, sharing product information, production processes, and delivery times. Ensure customers understand the origin and manufacturing process of their purchased products.

4.Continuous Improvement:

Continuously evaluate customer feedback and seek opportunities for improvement. We are dedicated to enhancing our products and services to better meet customer needs.

5.Problem Resolution:

If customers encounter issues, we provide solutions with a positive attitude and prompt response time. Our goal is to promptly and effectively resolve customer concerns.

6.Reliable Partners:

We consider customers as our partners, working together towards success. We commit to standing by their side throughout their gardening journey.

7.Social Responsibility:

We integrate social responsibility into our services. Manufacture products sustainably, support environmental protection, and community development, creating a positive impact on our customers and society.


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