This versatile garden sharpening tool offers the following highlights:

Comprehensive Sharpening: It sharpens gardening tools and various cutting instruments, reducing the need for multiple tools.

Multi-Tool Integration: With a hex wrench function, it aids in disassembling garden shears and offers repair capabilities.

Cost and Space Efficient: One tool serves multiple purposes, saving costs and storage space.

Portable Convenience: Compact design makes it suitable for outdoor use and easy to carry.

Longevity: Regular sharpening prolongs tool lifespan and maintains sharp edges.

Professional Maintenance: Provides professional-grade blade care for enthusiasts and professionals.

Innovative Design: Combines sharpening, disassembly, and repair functionalities.

In summary, this tool is a compact and efficient solution for maintaining garden and cutting tools.
Model FGST2301
Material Stainless steel, ABS, carbide, ceramic
size 150mm*27mm*14.8mm
weight 82 g
Service type OEM, ODM
Applicable uses

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